Unbrick or Unlock - Meizu MX / Note / Mini / Pro / E / Metal / U
Meizu MX4

Hello to everyone,
i want offer an service for unbrick/unlock all Meizu phones. It is important to understand that: for unbrick or unlock an model i need to have it here, in my hands , because this isn’t a software modification.

Is already tested on an MX4 full bricked, next week i want test it on an M3 Note.


After with factory ROM flashed:
alt text

Full unlocked
alt text

I’m able to unlock bootloader of : MX4 / MX5 / Pro 4 / Pro 5 / Pro 6 / m1-2-3 Note / m3/2 Mini / Metal / M3 E / E 2 / U20 . (I’m working for the others model)

Send an private message if you are interested.

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Meizu m3s

I am very interested in your methods, mostly in meizu pro 6 and m3 + later generation. By any chance you could show us more information about unlocking.

Me gustaría poder desbloquear el Meizu Pro 5

How to unlock bootloader of M3E and U20,U10?

Meizu MX4

@KitKat Hello, this aren’t an tutorial if you need to unlock your phones ask in PM :)

This shit smells like scam, I dont believe that you can unlock bootloader of MX5 @Naphtha

Meizu MX4

@CROnino224 mmm an scam ? Next week come to my hands, an new Meizu m3 note. I want share another video of another meizu device full unlocked :)

Check my “leaks” on xda and yes, i’m able to unlock MX5.

thats cool dude, just if you’re going to post a video make it at least longer @Naphtha

Test report fast show me… with video proof…

I have a Meizu M1 Note. Could you try to unbrick it?

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