How to install Flyme OS 6 G on your chinese MEIZU Pro 6S

If, as me, you bought your Meizu Pro 6s on AliExpress and you get stuck with Flyme 5G (chinese A-ROM actually, tweaked to look like a G one), you would probably change it for the REAL Flyme 6G, the current beta version published by Meizu.

It is possible, I just did it this evening on my Pro 6s. How to proceed ? It's quite easy actually, and safe.

1. Enable the root permissions :

Head to Settings --> Fingerprint and security

Scroll down a little bit and look for Root permissions click it and follow what it says. IT WILL REBOOT - IT"S OK!!

2. Identify your phone as a global device

This step avoid the "Corrupt" error during the recovery.

Download the tiny script located here (safe) :  > Download <

Put the file in your phone root directory. Do not execute it (for now), wait for the step 4.

3. Download the latest Flyme 6G snapshot

Currently, the latest release is

Important : Pro 6 and Pro 6s share the same rom : you can install the Pro 6 rom on your Pro 6s safely.

> Direct download from the Meizu server for the PRO 6 device <

Put the file in your phone root directory.

4. Download Terminal Emulator from the Play Store

Run it, and type the following commands in the phone terminal :

sh /sdcard/

Now, your phone should restart in the recovery mode by itself.

5. Proceed your upgrade the normal way

Check "system upgrade".

Notice : no need to clear your data. You can uncheck this option.

Then press "Start", wait for the phone reboot, and enjoy your Flyme 6 Global on your Pro 6s ;)

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Does this method work with all Chinese firmware or needs to be a relation between Chinese firmware and global firmware? I mean 7.5.1A with 7.5.1G.

Meizu m3s

Changing the ID makes the phone identify itself as global and you can install any G firmware.

How can I change ID? By the command:
sh /sdcard/”?

@ilpratti absolutely. This script does it for you.

Meizu m3s

Download terminal from the app store.

Ok. I’m thinking to buy a meizu 6s pro from asia. But I still have some doubts about processor and performance.

it work for meizu pro 6 plus?

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