I have the EP51 Bluetooth headphones that were working fine up until a few days ago. They were turned off, and I plugged them in to charge. After over 5 hours, I noticed that the red light (indicating that it was charging) was still on (they usually charge within 3 hours). I unplugged them and turned them on. The blue light was continuously lit; it was not blinking. They also did not reconnect to my phone (iPhone 6). I tried restarting them, but that did not help. Next, I tried to unpair (hold the plus [+] and minus [-] buttons together), but now it has both the blue and red lights continuously lit and I can't re-pair them with my phone. I've also tried to drain the battery on the headphones to see if that helps, but no luck. Any thoughts on how to save these or if they can be saved? Thanks!