Recently, everytime my M2 shutted down / restart and i want to turn it on, the booting process (when flyme icon appear) takes a lot of time (The worst case even took overnight). And the boot won't success except i repeat the restart again and again until the boot was success. So, my M2 shouldn't been lowbatt or shutted down or the boot problem would reoccur. But one time, the boot problem reoccur and when the boot was succes't open all of my app on my M2. So i decide to flash my M2.

Unfortunately after i flash my M2 (Which i hope the problem will be fixed), the boot problem (stuck on flyme logo) keep occur. The problem come even worst, i can't log in into google play, it's stuck on "Checking info" (and i can't log in my google account) even thought i've been re-install the Google Play Service which is mean i can't download any app except downloading the apk on apkmirror and it's kind. Furthermore, several app keep crashed (force closed) and it can't be open except i restart the phone and causing me face up the boot problem again. I'm using meizu m2 with flyme os 4.5.3I . Is it by upgrading the firmware will fix the problem? Or maybe there is any solution? Please kindly to reply . Pardon my english btw :")

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