how can we change default Pico tts to google tts?

Hi all, 

I searched the forum for a solution to the terrible Pico voice synthesizer. I have installed the google tts but, even after selecting it the phone still uses the Pico tts.

I am using the Flyme rom on a Pro 5, anyone got a fix for this?


If you have a rooted device, I think a good solution is to install link2sd and to freeze or uninstall pico tts or any unused app.

thanks anyway, tried that but it still didn’t work…anything else i really need a better tts working on ma phone. thanx

For me best tts was ivona-text-to-speech with Carmen voice engine (romanian language)
Ivona is no more availlable for free in google play, now has name Polly and is property of Amazon, so you can install ivona apk fom external source (search in google).
After that you must to search and install desired voice engine apk (Amy for english or search for other).
Availlable here:
Then freeze pico tts, set ivona as default tts and enjoy.
God luck!

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Just enable background running for Google TTS, and select it, of course, from settings.✔

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