Pro5 (flyme with phonecall problems

Hi all, i recently bought my pro5 (Jan 2017) shipped with the above rom. I felt so comfortable with the phone that upgraded to Flyme OS beta and still most things were ok.

About 2 weeks ago, phone calls started to sound and sometimes people cant ear me or i can't ear the other side. Even more, calls drop without any reason or a lose 4g or 3g data connectivity. Well being a beta version i was expecting some issues, but not with a core function like making phone calls.

Well so i decided to go back to the original rom, i formatted internal phone and reinstalled the original rom. Nevertheless and to my surprise the problem persists although it may impact about 30% to 40% of my phone calls.... 

Any one with similar problems? fisrt i tough it was a HW issues but since the problem is intermittent i am almost sure to be a firmware bug. I went through some Meizu official rom bug fixing logs and noticed that "phone call" stability issue is current in many roms.


Meizu m3s is not the latest beta. Please either try the latest beta or downgrade to a more stable firmware. A cleardata is recommended for better performance when changing firmware.

I am on the original stable rom (flyme and the problem still remains… i might have a try for this new beta since this problem is really affecting the way i make phone calls. If i try the new beta i’ll let you know how it went :)

I tested the beta but it’s full of Chinese Apps and screens. So i went searching for another flyme 6 “G” rom for the pro 5 and found and installed the Flyme Public Beta.
All went well, even the login to my Meizu account, which usually failed with many other non “G” rom versions.
Strongly recommend this Flyme rom for European users.

It’s quit strange that after a couple of days the problems with the carrier signal (calls drooped and in call sound problems) come back again, all else seem to work just fine like skype, whatsapp, mail, sms, etc.
I love the pro 5 performance and the cleanliness of the Flyme but everyone needs a phone for phone-calls firstly, so i am going back to my old Samsung note 3.

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