JDTab J01 unable to update

I bought the Meizu manufactured(?) JDTab J01 from China, and while it's well built, the software leaves something to be desired. It's running Flyme, and the Update program shows an update available to However, when the Download update -button is pressed, the message switches to 1% Downloaded and never goes up.

Any idea how I could download and manually install an update? Or, if this is the wrong place to ask, where to turn?

Edit: screenshot

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Meizu m3s

You can find firmwares here
You can either install it by clicking in stock file explorer or copy to directory of sdcard and install through recovery.


I don’t see J01 on the list, though. Any idea what would be compatible?


I have to dissapoint you, but there is no firmware download available at the moment.
Nor here nor on Flyme.cn.

Hi guys! What about now? Do you know anything about firmwares for this tablet at this moment?

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