Meizu launches MX4 Pro with 2K+ screen and Exynos octa-core!

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Brilliant: pretty much what I expected. Only flaws I find are the slightly bigger thickness and the lack of notification light (home button) - everything else seems great so far ;)

I like it very much, except the shape of the fingerprint ofcourse :(
Not the best cpu and gpu out there but good enough, and has some unique features also. 2K+ display was not necessary.
Very good price for china, lets wait to see how much for international customers. I believe the official price will be between 400-430 euros for the 16gb model.
Overall a special device with good vfm.

I think it’s one of the best CPUs of the market for now. Better than Snapdragon 801.


Talking about 2K+. It is the same resolution as the Onda V975w :D

Anyway, I like the improved stuff, except the scanner.


Sounds like a great device for the price.
Personal opinion 2k is overkill. And I prefer 5"… But great device nonetheless. Hopefully the Mali is powerful enough for the 2k display.

After owning a G3 I can’t really see the charm of 2K. Honestly I didn’t see any great difference and surely not enough to have the performance drop.

Well, now we know why there´s no single word about audio quality regarding the MX4, it seems Meizu put all its eggs on the Pro version.

Looking very promising on that aspect.

Don´t really see the point about the fingerprint, the home button was just perfect and it also needs less space.

Meizu MX4

Have someone found information about the supported LTE bands. I like the MX, but it doesn’t support 800 Mhz LTE , and this was very sad for german users.
If the Mx 4 pro support lte band 20, i will buy it. I don’t like Pin-lock, so i prefere the fingerprint method. I hope it works well like iphone.

nice girls :)



within next year many german providers will offer 2600MHz.
However, Meizu hasn’t changed the frequencies for 4G yet.
I would say you should try it, it is a great phone anyway. :)

Nice phone and the home button is not that bad i did expect.

Dont know if i need a 2k Display. But music wise it seems to be great.
The other specs looking good also.

I was reading about the internal ESS ES9018K2M chip and it seems really promising. This could be a serious audiophile DAP contender. It allows playback up to 32-bit and is compatible with DSD. I wonder if it plays native DSD 64MHz and DSD 128MHz or converts them to PCM first. If this chip allows native playback DSD and Flyme eventually takes advantage of this feature, this thing could sell like hot bread among the audiophile community.

The Product Brief for the ESS ES9018K2M chip is not clear about this.

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