Experience with screen replacement

Hi all,
Since last week I got serious problems with my Meizu MX3 (9 months old). The screen is not responding anymore and only the backlight is turned on by pressing the on-button. Sometimes the screen is responding, but it immediately freezes or show a blur all over (like the new feature in flyme 4.1 :P).

I already checked the connectors inside the telephone by myself. These were all ok and I could find any breaks. It was the risk of void warranty, but I didn’t want to wait for a repair which would take at least month including shipment.

Now I want to buy a new screen on AliExpress, there are a lot of Meizu MX3 screens available and I wondered whether someone has experience with buying a new screen. Some of the screens seem to me as replacement, but not official parts. So is there anyone who could give me advice?

Why do I chose this method, that’s because the costs of only shipment and customs to Hong Kong are more than the price of a new screen. And if I have to pay the repair too, I could better buy a new phone.

Oh BTW, The good thing is, I can still answer phone calls:P


@‘GreyGhost’ said:

Interesting read:

Thanks, I already found it, but forgot two click to the second page :blush:.
I will definitely buy a screen that comes with a frame. The only thing I have choose is if I want a black or white screen. I got a black one now and would like to try a white one, is there anyone that would not recommend to do this for any specific reason? Bleeding, contrast to screen or something like that? Maybe the white is not as white as expected?

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