Flyme OS beta (MX5)

I have been updated to beta for the MX5

  1. Phone is not being wakening on incoming calls ( I have a window flip case) and if I open up the case it does not display the caller
  2. find on contacts is not working correct for greek named contacts (it used to work fine)
  3. search is closing when typing something

Issue 3 was resolved by data reset of search app. Now I can use phone search to find my greek contacts as a workaround for issue 2. (Phone data app reset did not solve the greek contact search issue)

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Hi to all! Please answer the question,this is A or G version? And what is the last firmware for G version? I have installed beta. Is this last?

Meizu Pro 6

@Maximum is the last G version as of now. So no this version is only A.


@zoroflamingo the G firmwares cannot be even considered as real firmwares as they miss almost half of the actual Flyme features.

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