Meizu M5 - BRICK [HELP ME]

Phone was formatted with flashtool - everything except bootloader.
How to fix it now ?
When USB is pluged, It's reeboting constantly (windows sound), for every few seconds. The screen is black, and the phone don't reacting when pressing keys (vol +/- or power).
I have firmware from official site but i Can't install it via SP Flashtool. STATUS_BROM_CMD_SEND_DA_FAIL 
Any ideas how to fix it ?
Meybe md5.file (backup) from MTK Droid tool could help me ? (unfortunatley i can't find it anywhere)

Meizu m3s

Pls give us a screenshot of your setting (including error).

Try follow this (and use different IMG files but same setting)
The m3 and m5 both uses the mt6750 chipset but the auth file is only known to work with the m3, m3s and mx5.


With Format + Download i GOt this:

I got no recovery file. I'm using from offical site.

Now i tried to install just 1 file, everytime i have got problem with flashtool - flashtool.exe has stoped working :S

Windows: 10
My flashtool is: SP Flash Tool v5.1620 for Win PC 


With auth.file and SP tool from link, it stucks at DOWNLOAD DA 100%

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Meizu m3s

Pls update screenshot?
How has the phone reacted to the flash? Should stay in meizu logo and should not boot loop.
Any popups? e.g. A green tick means the flash is successful, etc.

Nothing happen - black screen - no vibrates, it's not booting UP.
When i want upload firmware it's like this: (Just plug in w/o vol key)

Just red bar DOWNLOADING DA 100% and nothing else - just FREEZE (time is counting)

Only operation which I can do succesfull is FORMAT (everything except bootloader)

More info:
Plugin With VOL- Key:

So... Need I auth file for M5 ? :(

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Ok, this error is cuz Windows don't see PreLoader, but Serial USB device.
It's recconected it self, read as preloader - I clicked DOWNLOAD and i got this problem:

I dont know why when i pluging in USB, it's seems like phone is reeboting all the time (PC sound and Device manager changes) Once it's Like a preloader and once it's like a SERIAL USB Device, meybe it's the problem ?

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If you can boot to recovery install the from sdcard

Meizu m3s

By formating everything except bootloader mean you format the boot.img and recovery.img. You will be unable to access recovery.

Meizu MX4

Meizu devices have secure preloaders meaning you normally cannot flash your phone via the preloader. Either you find an auth file (if that even works) or you send it in for repairs…

one of your error codes clearly states this even (STATUS_SEC_WRITE_DATA_NOT_ALLOWED). This is a security error claiming that data writing is simply not allowed. I’m not sure of any workarounds for the more modern meizu phones but in my case with the mx4, it took nearly two whole years to be able to flash via preloader (and you have to buy custom made hardware to be able to unlock the phone…)

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See the post “UNBRICK MEIZU M5”

Meizu m3s

Any links? Cause I don’t think there is any post about that?

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