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Last summer, my Meizu M2 Note began to have battery problems. Especially when the battery was 10%, it went down quickly and in two minutes the cellphone went off. Three months ago my cell phone fell and the screen broke. I bought a new screen and when I got there (after 1 month) I mounted it, mounted the battery, and the phone switched on.When I charged it, the phone did not charge, even when I charged it off in the latter case I first came out with the lightning flash icon and then a red battery icon with an exclamation mark. I thought it was a damaged battery problem so I bought a new one.Today the new battery has come up I mounted it but the phone has the same problem and a new one: when I turn my phone on it goes off after about 30 seconds.

Recap: When the phone is turned off and charged, a red icon comes out with the exclamation point and when I turn it on, it shuts off after about 30 seconds.

Please help me do not know what to do anymore.
I've already tried updating the firmware and doing a hard reset but nothing!

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