When will be Meizu m3 note will get the android update and how can I update?

Please tell me when will be the android update will available for my phone and if not available then how can I update my android version from Lollipop to marshmello or the latest on?

Meizu m3s

No Android 6.0 yet for the m3 note, all of the firmwares including flyme 5 and flyme 6 are currently powered by Android 5.1. Don’t think you can get Android 6.0 soon​ as Meizu developers are very slow, and also there are no custom ROMs available.
(Bases on this, don’t think there will be an update for m3 note to Android 6.0 http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-21208-1-1.html )

Meizu Pro 6

They didn’t update any of their phones a whole year i think from lolipop and those with marshmallow were new ones who shipped with it already. Even their flagships. At least my pro 6 gets security updates(i’m currently on april security patch).

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