problem with the root directory


my  phone broke while rebooting and all i can see since yesterday is the meizu logo.

i tried puting the phone in recover mode, where the system upgrade and the clear data choices appear. however when i connect the phone with the pc so as to copy the to the root directory, my pc tells me that my device is not recognizable and no folder appears.

i have done an update before, but i  know no other way to copy the zip file. can you help me?

Meizu m3s

Any updates or things you did that caused this?
Which phone are you using and does it support sdcard?
Have you tried a different port or PC?

i did nothing like that, no update. i turned it off before off to bed, and tried to open it when awake.
i am using meizu mx4pro and i doesn’t support an sd card.
i also tried different port and pc and nothing changes.
i even tried loading the update file via a micro usb stick.

Meizu m3s

Your using an Exynos chip, there is no alternative way of recovering the device. If you still have warranty i would suggest you to try a meizu service centre for a replacement or repair. I cannot determind if it is hardware or software damage. You may also decide to sell the phone as parts.

i made it!! i connected the phone to the pc. now can you tell me where to find the zip file i need to copy to the recovery folder? the one i have does not work…

Meizu m3s

You can find firmwares here
If you get a “corrupted firmware” error message it either means you need to install an “A” firmware or the internal memory is corrupted leading the phone to not be able to check the firmware. If stable firmware doesn’t work please also try the beta. Make sure you don’t extract the zip or place it into a folder in recovery drive. Good luck.

well i think the internal memory is corrupted because i copy the zip file, choose upgrade, it tells me “checking firmware” and then it takes me back to the choices “upgrade” and “clear data” and that’s all… and then back from scratch… i guess here it is me going to a service store…

thanks anyway for your time and help

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