I cant register Flyme Account

Help me, i cant register flyme account because im not getting any Code. I've tried using 4 different number. But im still not getting any code. Any help? 

Meizu m3s

Try registering here https://login.flyme.cn/
Sadly it is in Chinese. I have heard people saying the English one didn’t work and had to use the Chinese site.

@Scorpiony-Knifet still same, cant get the code. Im frustated right now.

Meizu Pro 5

@restudew I tried this some time ago but it happened the same. I even wrote to Flyme and Meizu, but no answer was received from them, so I gave up.

same problem dude…
I had try using any browser, use other smartphone, use other number. both to login or register new number, did not receive any verification code sms…
but in my case, my phone was in limited access mode, due to phone finder app problems, or, I can’t enter recovery mode, reset factory, or stuff since it all in limited access. even restore old data can’t help that much. nor even install any .apk, not a chance.
I do had contact local SC and chinese meizu, not helping at all… and, I had doing it four days in a row, with no sollution…

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