problem with mx5 update

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I have a Meizu mx5. I think it rooted but when I start with root apks said its not. I have the A flyme os version. I saw a topic of how to update the latest version with adb and convert to the update.img. but something goes wrong and it cant update. I don't have sd card as the code of adb said to type. is that the problem ? please help.

Meizu m3s

You will need root if you want to install any firmware using adb shell. Would suggest you get that first READ HERE:
The /sdcard/ or /storage/sdcard0/ is the location of your internal storage. For external storage it is located at /storage/sdcard1/ .

So i must root my phone first? if i change the type as dd if=/storage/sdcard0/ ?? for the adb? this can be work ?

Meizu m3s

Yep, make sure your system.img file is in that directory and not in a folder. "dd if=/storage/sdcard0/system.img of=…"
You can double check the file by using a custom file explorer or using the command "ls /storage/sdcard0"

thank you very much for the support. ill try again thank you!

Thanks for your nice post to teach us more in this field. After reading on here, we can learn more in this topic.

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