Please help me, remained custom apps after downgradings

Hi everyone,

I bought this phone with the firmware 4.0.3I installed inside and no issues at all.
One day i heard about the 4.0.4 update therefore I went to the Meizu’s official website to download the 4.0.4A firmaware.

4.0.4A is fine(except some bugs and instabilities), but I hate those apps named in Chinese (one of them called “TaoBao”) always exist in my phone.
These apps are all under the directory “\custom\meizu\app”, so i deleted all of these by using Root Explorer, but these apps will “come back” after rebooting…and all of them will exist in the directory “\custom\meizu\app” again!

So, I downgrade the phone back to 4.0.3I again, but the problem still exists, originally in 4.0.3I there was no directory “\custom\meizu\app”, after upgrading to 4.0.4A and downgraded from it, this directory still exist in my phone and those apps still appears on my desktop…it just like the directory is inherited.

I also noticed that in the root directory there are many files and folders that seems to be 4.0.4A components and I have never seen them before in 4.0.3I root directory before i upgrade the phone to 4.0.4A…

What can I do? I just want a clean 4.0.3I and just remove those 4.0.4A components…

P.S. I have tried “clear data” during upgrade/downgrade and “format internal storage” many times, but no result…:(

I down graded back to 4.0.3l without the apps reappearing.
Im bit sure if you formatted the internal storage.
Have you enabled hidden directories under root explorer?
Might be a hidden folder somewhere.

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i had tried many many times on re-installing the 4.0.3I and those bloatwares just reappear…
May be you could provide me your steps?

I just downgraded, nothing extra.
On second inspection.
I also have the files in meizu/custom/apk. I can delete the files, but like you they reappear after a reboot.
After the reboot I can’t no longer delete them.
Root explorer has a error.
Can’t change permissions of the apk or Meizu folder either.

’ Permissions change was not successful. Please note that some file systems(e.g SD Card) do not allow permission changes.’

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always wipe everything before downgrading

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