meizu mx5, m5

hi there. I had brake my meizu mx5 and today i buy meizu m5. The prolem is that i can't get memores (notes) from my mx5. One day before i had brake my phone i done backup. But now i can't get my information. I have sign in flyme acc, but doesnt work. What to do? My old mx5 screen doesnt work, but i can connect on pc it. Sorry for my english.

Meizu m3s

How did you backup your device?
The backup in the settings will only backup to the internal storage system.

@Scorpiony-Knifet i made backup in settings, but all the time i was login in flyme and google acc. Maybe you know how i can take info from my mx5?i had tryed connect by a cable, but i don’t found any backup file in route. The last time when i had change my meizu mx3 to mx5 i get all my info without any problems and at this time isnt so easy. Thank you for help.

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