Flyme OS beta (m3 note)


Right now I'm having Flyme beta. And the issue in the updated beta is that 'when the update comes it doesn't notify and when I try to update it with my phone data or wifi it doesn't and says important data has been lost due to which update is failed'. There is one more feature is missing in the update the camera flip which makes the selfie and the back camera by flipping on the display, so please bring it back. The battery also drain fast and when it comes to 11% it start draining in decreasing order in per 5 seconds while the internet is on. I tried to reinstall the non-beta update in my phone but it doesn't and says corrupt update which I had downloaded by your website and it also says copy the update zip file to root directory. What is this I don't understand.So what should I do help me. 

Thank You


same here ......when i installed flyme its say storage running out,while there is too many space, when i try update another version its say “could not get file info”. Please help.....

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Meizu m3s

Try installing through recovery instead of through the system. You can access recovery by turning on the phone using the buttons volume down and power.


Download the new firmware from the website of meizu they had released an update so I had installed it and now there are no issue. 

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