Meizu M2 Note screen blinking

Hi Everyone,

Kindly share with me if somebody have similar problem with my Meizu M2 Note.

The screen is blinking.

Kindly see this video and advise how to overcome.

Mike, Owner of Virtual Office in Indonesia

Meizu m3s

Do you mean the red outline in the video or the screen backlight itself blinking? Does it only happen when recording or it happens all the time?

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Hi Zhenk, the red outline on the screen blinking itself suddenly since 2 days ago. Then I tried to installed screen video recorder to record the screen and the recorded video as it is on youtube.
I have removed screen recorder and the M2 Note still remain blinking now!

Signature? :D

Kindly help.

Meizu m3s

Settings -> Accessability​ -> Developer options -> Enable Strict mode -> Disable
A restart is usually nessessary when changing this option (maybe wrong).

Thank you very much Zhenk, you safe my time and cured my headache.

Regards from Jakarta

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