Flyme "G" to "A"?
Hi, guys., i am using Meizu M5 Note and my phone has Flyme "G" Rom. It was normally M621Q but seller changed the ID to Global version (M621H) and installed the Global "G" firmware. My question is; is it possible to install Flyme 6 "A" rom on my phone?
Meizu m3s

Yes it is possible to install ‘A’ on 'G’
But their will not be a multilanguage option in ‘A’ and will contain Chinese bloatware.

@Scorpiony-Knifet Thank you for your help :) So, if i don't like the A firmware, can i go back and install G firmware again? 

Meizu m3s

You can always follow this guide to convert it back to global if the recovery says "corrupted firmware" to a "G" firmware.

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