cant recover !

hey guys ! please someone help me :/ ... actually i am stuck with meizu m2 mini ! i have the stock recovery and i have no os installed on my phone ! i downloaded "" the latest one but i dont know how can i put it in my internal storage without accessing anything ! i have no os ! no twrp ! and yes my boot loader is unlocked :/ idk if that makes a change ... i can only access fastboot mode and the flyme recovery ! but i dont have any update zip in my internal so i cant install any os ! i tried putting the in sd card and scanned for update but i simply didnt found anything ! i need to put that update file in internal ! can someone tell me how can i put my update file in internal storage or root directory. :/ please help

Meizu m3s

Keep the phone in stock recovery.
Plug phone into PC, (pop out a drive called 'recovery')
Copy it to 'recovery' drive (do not extract, keep it as

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