Meizu M3S Screen Flickering

Hello Everyone,

For about 2-3 months ago, my M3S's screen started to have vertical-red lines and horizontally bluish colour deformations. The phone was kept in average conditions. The current system version is: The flickering comes up whenever I start to search in Youtube and watch videos, also it stays for a long period

Is it by the system or by the hardware? 

I hope someone can help me.

Regards, Greg.

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Meizu m3s

If you think it is software try updating to latest verisons as is very old. Any other applications cause the flicker?


As far as I see the flickering and the colour deformations are caused by the software. Whenever I'm watching a gif video or a youtube video the lines are following the videos' edges and keep fading and changing linear sizes. I hope I am somewhat understandable. Also, can you help me to update manually the device? Working about the phone's system is a bit off to me because I don't want to lose the warranty and I am not at home about frimwares.

Meizu m3s


Step Upgrading

1)Start the phone while simultaneously holding the “Power” button and “Volume Up” button

  1. Copy firmware “” onto the phone, open the “Documents” and click the firmware “” to upgrade firmware
  2. System upgrading, please do not shut down the phone
  3. The system will automatically reboot after upgraded
  4. After boot up, please check “Settings->About” to verify the correct firmware version is installed


  1. Please do not upgrade the phone with non-official firmware
  2. Before upgrading, check that the battery has at least 20% capacity
  3. Selecting “Clear data” will delete all personal data ( such as Notes, Email, and Contacts); whereas the internal storage for Music and Camera photos …etc. will remain intact.
  4. Already opened system permission (ROOT), the user must select “Clear Data” to clear phone data for firmware upgrade, Otherwise, it may cause abnormal system or application error ;
  5. After upgrading the firmware, if system reboot or application force close, please try to reset your phone or re-upgrading (Settings-> phone->Storage->Factory reset to reset the phone)

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I’ve upgraded the system and the flickering stayed. Should I try something else or sent it back to warranty?

@ExpectHUN hey! Got the same problem with my Meizu M3s. Have already update the firmware. But the line on the center with i hit full brightness still appears. And some reflections on top of my screen.

Please some help from Meizu Official here, i hope it is still covered with the warranty.

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