MX3 extreme heat - a info for Meizu

A few minutes ago I woke up, because of a smell. Therefor I look under my pillow and touched the MX3. It was smoking hot (literally). I burnt myself very badly touching it. Of course someone can argue now that charging your phone under the pillow is wrong, but I have to mention that this heat issue happened to me in school today too.
The phone got up to 67°C. The system was not overloaded or anything, actually it still ran very well. However this puts for me the question up how secure Meizu products really are. For example I miss the CE marks (ok I have a CN device). But come on Meizu, how old are you?

I rather smash my phone than to lose my house. No matter how expensive it was.
For me it is sure - if this happens once more again and can’t be fixed by a wipe and reinstall I will just give it away or smash it.

This reminds me of the OnePlus One which exploded in someones pants, because of the “so good” build quality.

I ask from Meizu now to test their products after CE norms. Self testing doesn’t counts, we saw what this brought at the MX4 (poor quality). Meizu should do the test of the TÜV Rheinland, proving that the products are safe. Of course there are other companies who can give a CE marking, but the TÜV is known for it’s extensive tests.

I actually have to say that the refusal of the customs for my Onda due to CE marks made me a bit mad, but I understood before and especially now, why they are so important.

Dont know, i did not have any heat issues on the MX3 or M8 or M9 yet.
Do you use flymeos4 ? Beta firmware has often issues, Meizu had some heat or fast battery drain issues in the past on some beta builds.

Wow dude… Lucky you’re okay!! Be careful using that phone :/ :(

Lucky you!



this happened in Flyme 3 as well. For me it looks like an issue with the SoC. samanen had a simliar issue or still has it. However I will completly uncharge my phone now till it is at 0% and then start the calibration process.

However I will let my burnings get checked by the doc now…

I hope u didnt get hurt to much from your MX3 and my stays cool.

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