Pro 5 freezes&restarts with screen glitches

Hello all!

I bought a half bricked Meizu Pro 5 (A version) mostly for pieces (I own another good Meizu Pro 5).

I try to repair the defective one without much success, It did have those symptoms:

- Some time is freezing when is started in recovery and I try to copy firmware to recovery partition.

-  after some attempts (freezing during checking firmware/flashing) I succeed to install a Flyme 5 complete several time (with firmware on sd card or recovery), and  I can access to  UI,  settings, normal shutdown etc.), but randomly in short time did appear some glitches on screen with freeze and then device is restarting itself mostly in ”system upgrading... starting apps or optimizing apps” and so on until I remove battery to avoid a full drain.

- One time freezing is happened when I press fingerprint button, but I disconnect internal plug of fingerprint button, and still  freezing.  

- device is getting hot (not very) during flashing/upgrading.

- If battery is fully drained I cannot charge it with wall charger (only at service), If device is shut down, when I plug wall charger is charging about 1 min. and then battery logo disappear and device become hot (not very). 

As far I know device was bricked during flashing Flyme 6 I firmware via ”dd if=/sdcard/system.img ...” procedure.

I think is a hardware problem, but what is that? maybe corrupted memory (I know that „dd if=...) is dangerous procedure) or motherboard.

Other ideas to resurrect these device?.

Thank you!

Here some pictures:

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Meizu m3s

Couple of mistakes you did
You should have downloaded a flyme 6 A version to installed first before using the DD method to install the global firmware. DD method will only alter the system partition, (should fairly safe as recovery or boot is not touched and many people is successful with the pro 5). Don’t know why you even chose the DD method to update. If it is software issue a simple cleardata with should have solved it. Maybe the phone is damaged due to overheat, a BGA should do the trick (based on the tear on the screen). No method alternative method to flash Exynos meizu, think only a new main board will help. Probably sell or use the phone as parts.

Thank you!
I didn’t flash firmware via DD on my bricked Pro 5 (I think previous owner did), I bought as is, mostly for screen and battery (I paid about 65 Euros), but I hoped into a miracle.
My Pro 5 is untouched, and I don’t think I will try something with it because bricking risk is very high, and with custom firmware that exist, I think does’t worth the risk. I prefer A version of Flyme, because of frequent updates.
I love very much PRO 5, especially that you cannot made a wipe/flash in recovery without password (if is activated in security) missing feature in many devices.
I hate Meizu software/boot loader policy (why the they don’t provide a hexadecimal code as Huawei to unlock/relock bootloader via fastboot) and I hate absence of stable custom firmware, but I hope in good official/unofficial firmware in future to keep my device longer.
Keep going guys!

I think behavior is still strange.
I flash again Flyme 5, all is ok durring install, i successfully rooted, log in in flyme account.
I hope to get a unlocked bootloader and try to flash TWRP and so on.
Phone is freezing mostly exactly when apps is starting after install and when i tap/press fingerprint button.
Why didn’t freeze during install procedure that take some time?
Why the didn’t die permanently?
Today I succeed to
Guy from service say that is the charging module defect.

After several reboots appear again Flyme logo with "optimizing apps" message until "system is upgrading.. Starting apps" message then rebooted itself and again several reboots and again optimizing apps and so on.. without freezes.
I think i will go crazy.

Another thing,

I can flash with success only Flyme, else is freezing during install.

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I succeed to change id to international/unlock bootloader/flash TWRP&RR.
Much better/usable.
I still have freezes, mostly with charger plugged&when device enter into deep sleep and device is freezing in that state and become hot.
Is freezing&restarting too, when i try to start camera.
With RR ROM I can use mTouch button without any freezes.
I will try to install Ubuntu to see what happens.
Any Ideas?

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