Meizu m2 dialer not opening

Hello everyone!

I have a problem that my dialer is not opening. i tried rebooting and factory reset and these are not working. I have no idea what i should do.

My Flyme version is 4.5.3.

Please help.


Meizu m3s

Does it ring when a phone call comes in?
Does it have a sim card installed and is detected?
Try updating to flyme 5, if nothing works

Meizu Pro 6

What do you mean by dialer? Do you mean that you cant dial but people can call you or that nothing works no outgoing nor coming calls?

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@Scorpiony-Knifet It rings but i cant answer the call and i dont see whos calling

Sim card is installed and detected 

@zoroflamingo  People can call me but i cant answer and i dont see whos calling and i cant call to other people 

Meizu m3s

Software error, try updating. Or use a different dialer apk.

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