M3 note APN menu bug?

First of all, hi! I'm new to this forum, this is my first post ☺ I am writing this because of a problem I have: I can't access the APN menu! I recently switched carrier, and they require(in order to make the mobile connection work) to edit the APN of this connection.. the fact is that when i go to Sim and Network -> APN there are three buttons: the previous menu button, the "reset" button and the "add APN" button; but when i tap on the last one it just goes back to the previous menu 😕 like if i tapped "previous".. I think this is a bug because I should be able to access and modify my APNs, and I did so with other smartphones.. please help me!😭 I won't be able to use my internet connection until i work this out! Thanks for the support.

Flyme, m3 note 32GB

Also, I was thinking: is this setting saved as a text file editable from a computer? In this case I could edit this from there.. or maybe there is a computer application that lets you change the phone's settings? Just wondering

Meizu m3s

Try the latest beta, http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-26303-1-1.html, requires cleardata on install.
Meizu firmwares are not perfect, editing the phone usually makes it worse.


Updated, still doesn't work.. it behaves as before


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