Screen and sound problem

Hello everyone!

Recently I´ve noticed a strange behaviour of my MX4. I can´t change screen brightness anymore. It´s getting just fully bright or completely dark. Also loudspeaker stops working while I do hear when receiving calls. I checked the proximity sensor and I get it calibrated. But no changes. Any idea or experience with that issue?

Meizu Pro 6

any chance you did something before it happened? Like updating software, changing hardware?
I had this problem after i changed the screen.

Thanks four your answer. So, could you solve your problem? Yes, I updated only software several times without wipe. It was working pretty fine. It seems that my problems started when I was caught by rain but I could dry my phone. Also it fell down several times. There is a correlation between internal and external speaker. Once my internal speaker stopped working but I had no issue with screen brightness/darkness, but when I could arrange sound problem the loudspeaker stopped working. I tried to clean my jack and USB port and sometimes all function started to work fine, but after that evth repeats again. Can it be any issue with sensor or power button, Usb?

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