How to access app settings


Since I got my MX4 I sadly discovered that there is still no “setting”/“parameters” button.

I had the same problem with my dear loved MX2 but I solved my problem with a MIUI custom ROM wich allowed to have access to a lot of features like this :
(tap home button, and move up quickly to get the 3 buttons menu)

Now, I m stuck in some apps because the regular menu bar with “go back” and “parameters” doesnt show up.
If I mail the app’s support, they always answer me : “We don’t support our application on your phone. Sorry”

(Currently I m pretty desesperate to get in News Republic settings to use the night mode …)

Is there any way I can solve this on the MX4 ?

Use this dude, it adds a floating navigating bar, and has a menu button.

You can even add different nav bar icon’s etc.

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Awesome, it s not native but it does what I am looking for. Thanks !

You can disable smart bar auto hide (settings > accessibility).

This way you will see the navigation bar on all apps.

I have disabled the auto hide function and yet I see no menu button on most apps… only the back button in the bottom left…

Anything I might be missing?


The autohide function is for hiding all of the menu altogether for apps which ONLY display the onscreen back button since Meizu didn’t support custom buttons for all apps. :) So disabling that function will keep the menu bar showing, but with only an ugly back button with unsupported apps which is quite useless because we have the swipe back gesture. ;)

Indeed, this bar is useless. So just keep the auto hide ‘on’.

The app that punkmonkey1984 gave us is the best solution so far.

@swiffe May you please link us this forum post? :) Thanks swiffe :D


Thanks @GreyGhost :D

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That floating soft keys app is not working with meizu m2 and flyme OS which is as far as I know is the latest stable os for this model.

So currently there is no solution for invoking the in-app menu… :( Did you guys figure out anything since then?

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