mezu m681q m3 note screen lock
  • am tired about that , i don't understand that how can i remove my screen lock tray many (ota) update file but still same condition in my phone any one have idea please help 
Meizu m3s

Please explain which screen lock? Do you mean you cannot access the phone due to pin lock or other problems?

Meizu m3s

Meizu service center can reset the phone for you but only if you provide proof of purchase. If you purchase this device 2nd hand I would suggest you return it immediately as it is likely a stolen device. The other method is to buy a mrt dongle and use the mrt software to reset you phone (success rate is unknown).

good , thank for help…

there is no other options?? like ota update file because i don’t have mrt dongel .

Meizu m3s

There is no official method of resetting the password if you forget the password to insure no personal data to be stolen.

same problm here bro...

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