charging port is gone and back up?

Hello , 

I've got the 32gb meizu m3 note phone,

The problem the charging port got fried most likely as it got bad smell and stop charging the phone at once,

now there is a backup option in the settings>about phone>storage (something along those lines) i manged to do it before i had the battery completely dead but where does it saves the back up to? 

and if you got any sugestions how to survive the phone and extract some more stuff out of it i'd be more than happy.

Thank you very much ! have a great day ! 

Meizu m3s

The backup is backed up to the internal storage of the phone. This means you cannot access it. Without a working phone. Is it only the charger and USB cable fried? If yes I would suggest you uses a different charger or even a PC to charge your phone. Else I would suggest you to go to a meizu service center as this seems to be a hardware problem of meizu.

Meizu m3s

Sorry, I didn’t read it correctly. A charging port repair should be easy if the internals of the phone is not damaged.

Thank you for you comment,
yes the charger port itself on the phone is damaged .
The current situation is the phone still under warranty back in my country(have it less than a year) but i’m in the US for awhile and cannot find an authorized dealer here .
maybe you know were i should check/go ?

Thank you again very much !

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