MX5 stuck at Meizu logo

Hi guys,

I tried to flash a new rom to my MX5 and now it is stuck at Meizu logo when I start it.

I have access to the fastboot menu, but I can't get my phone detected by my laptop. I tried both Linux and Windows, multiple tools, many many drivers.

I can't use the recovery menu in bootloader because I have the battery percentage stuck at 19% and the minimum threshold is 20%, not matter how much I keep charging it, it is still at 19%.

Every path I try seems like a dead end. Can you please help me with this?



@Robert-Bîndar i hop u don't used fastboot unlock yet? For me it bricked phone.. 

@Justas-Grigaravicius I can’t use fastboot because the phone is not detected by the computer (i.e. fastboot devices returns nothing)

Meizu m3s

"Try depleting the battery to 0% until the phone turns itself off and let it charge turned off for 2-3 hours.

Do that 5-6 times, and if it doesnt fix itself, try another firmware or buy a replacement battery."
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