From A to G rom Pro 5

So I'm kinda fed up with Flyme 6 and want to try a custom rom with Android nougat or newer when available.

In order to install it I need a rooted and unlocked bootloader.

The problem is that in order ro unlock the bootloader I need an international G rom.

I've tried several methods to convert my A rom in G rom but to no avail. I'm on A rom

So the last method I tried is to get root permission through flyme account.

- install supersu and install drivers

- install busybox and grant root acces

- install rootbrowser and grant root acces

- open proinfo file and change mobil_public to intl_official

However I'm not able to save the file.

What am I doing wrong?

What's the best and fastest way to install a custom rom on my pro5?

Tried method 2 and 3 from the first link again, result is a bricked phone, it keeps hanging on the meizu logo.
The strange thing is I don’t see the # on the emulator or adb shell.
However I’m still on flashing 6.7.33G, is it necessary to use a 5.x.x.x. rom?

@Webar Strange , I remember method 3 works perfectly for me.

Maybe you don't see it because your root is not active. (You have rooted but sometimes the stock one can give some issue with emulator etc)

Try with super su and be sure it show super su allowed "power shell" etc when you launch the emulator.

Otherwhise I dont know if it's necessary to use 5.x rom

Meizu Pro 5

Changing id is OK with rom, so you may need to downgrade first

Okay now we are getting somewhere! Installed as suggested (complete wipe), changed the ID with RBtexteditor after root acces was granted. Rebooted and confirmed it was still intl_official. Installed (complete wipe), worked a treat, so for so good.

Now I lost root acces, and unable to get it. It appears my phone is now locked to the previousowner (bought the phone of eBay, in may 2016) so that’s it I’m afraid. When on A rom I had my registered to my flymeaccount and did have root acces. Any options? So far I haven’t succeeded in unlocking the bootloader.

Meizu m3s

What do you mean by locked by previous owner? (Locked root or locked access)
I thought meizu phones are locked based on flyme account (phone number).
Did it ask for flyme account password or any flyme account had been already assigned? (normal shows a phone number)

Yes when I’m on a Globalrom flyme account is already assigned to another user. That user needs to log of (unbind) before I can use it. To sumarize I only have root acces when I’m on Chinese firmware (a rom).

Do you need to have a rooted phone to unlock the bootloader?

Right now my phone doesn’t get recognised by either adb or fastboot, reinstalled drivers, even used a different pc. I’m thinking something is wrong with my phone.

Strange that the previous account is only bind with the G rom.

Yes root is needed. 

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So this is strange, I flashed after, lost root access. Flyme/Meizu account signed to previous owner, unable to log in with my account. After some reboots I could log in, and even got root access again.

Now I only need to get bootloader unlocked, which doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon since my phone isn't recognised in either adb or fastboot. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader through emulator?

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Install once again the different drivers. And try other usb port (I have one where the phone is not going in mtp just charging)

Tried, adb works, fastboot doesn’t.

Meizu Pro 5

There was a trick with G rom not allowing root (needed to install mzaccount.apk from A etc). Try to go back to A (keeping your actual ID) to confirm root is still available. Then install supersu as it has option for surviving flashes

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