Meizu ep51 discharging even if turend off.

When I get back home and turn the headset off or even unplug the charger and make sure the headphone is turned off and on the other day i turn it back on I had to realize that half of the battery lost somewhere in think air :( somebody has any idea?


Could be that the charger is broken. Mabye try a different wall plug/cable. Otherwise you should ask for a warranty case.

I’ve tried other chargers already but the still have problems. Will ask for warranty.

The same thing is happening to me. Loosing about half a battery per day with the headset turned off.
I really can’t understand if this is standard behaviour or my unit has some kind of problem. It looks like the unit never really turns off.
Other than that everything works ok. I get the announced music play time and the audio quality is great.

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