MEIZU M3S Flyme root possible or not ?

Hello guys, i have meizu m3 (or meizu m3s or meizu m3 mini in every site it is called diffrent) with Flyme, and i want to instal G Frimeware and root it, i had read a tons of post, from english to russian language, youtube video . All i got is tons of file in my PC and same count viruses. There is no unreader post about rootin and etc. 

So can some one can help me how can i FALSH correct G frimware  and which G software is rootable ? can some help with normal guide, without bullshit and false links.

p.s One of the main reason i want to root i becouse the battery drains twise fast as my another phone Meizu M3 Note ( i know that battery is much bigger but not that ) , also snapchat is not working, and creepy chinese notifications.

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Meizu Pro 6

M3s is not m3 two different phones.

@zoroflamingo okay, thank you man for correcting me

@Scorpiony-Knifet sorry for stupid question , but wich one comment, there is tons links and another information?

Meizu m3s

Just Do the steps on the first post using the provided files.

About how it works =
"@kokotonix said in [GUIDE] RECOVER a MEIZU M3 from BOOTLOOP (meizu logo and constant reboot):

@Migha128 said in [GUIDE] RECOVER a MEIZU M3 from BOOTLOOP (meizu logo and constant reboot):

Very good !
I will definitively test it.
But just when question before the download:
Is this a m3 system.img or a m3s ?

(From some tests I’ve made with m3s system.img, they will work with m3 but after some reboots it will stuck on the blue balloon, forcing for a wipe data procedure. Have you had this kind of behavior ?)

It is a M3s system.img but if you only flash this .img file on the rom you gave us it will work 100%.
I have no bootloops after reboots. The Phone gives me now the information that I use Flyme and that the product name is M3s, but it works 100%!"

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