Onda v975w - Review

Today I am going to present you the Onda V975w.
First of all let me start with the story behind all this. Around one month ago my old Acer Aspire 5315 (2008) showed his first signs of getting old (really old). It booted up slowly and was just a pile of poo, I also wanted to get something new and more sneak than this old guy. A laptop was a bit too expensive (250€ was my budget). “What about a tablet PC?”, my mind said. My brain replied: “Remember the shitty Sanei N10? It was poorly built and just a piece of shit.” So my stomach kicked in: “Hey, remember the recently released Intel Bay Trail? Find a tablet with it!” And so I started to search. I found the Onda then with its impressive specifications. 9.7" 2K display, Intel Bay Trail Z3735D (1,83GHz Quad core), 2GB DDR3L RAM, Windows 8.1 (non RT) and free Office 365! For a total price of 230€ including taxes and shipping. A real deal. However my first order failed due to customs and the very unexperienced seller (Mallaid), with that I am yet struggling to get my money back (PayPal is working on it). So I ordered a new one after over 1 month waiting from Merimobiles European warehouse (UK). Fast delivery by DHL and no problems at all.

The Onda came in a normal box, actually I have to say it is somehow nice, but really not special.
Someone of Merimobiles stuff has probably put tape on it, otherwise I cannot explain the yellowish and sticky “points” on the box – maybe it is not glue…

The Intel Bay Trail CPU is actually an Intel Atom, therefor it is based on an x64 architecture.
It is clocked at 1,33GHz and can reach in the burst mode 1,83GHz (works very well). The internal storage is a 32GB eMMC of which 29GB are useable – I still recommend buying a microSD card (128GB maximum), because you will lose some space due to Windows updates. The overall performance of the tablet is great, it might be a bit slow at gaming (haven’t played around with the GPU settings a lot yet), but for working purposes it is a very clever choice. The sound output is clear as well and actually pretty well done for such a cheap tablet. The cameras (5MP back, 2MP front) aren’t very spectacular, however I don’t think someone wants to make a picture with a Tablet PC.

I also want to throw in that the GPU (Intel HD) eats 512MB RAM, by booting up into the BIOS you can change this of course. Coming to the screen itself, I have to say that this is the highlight of the tablet. Nowhere else in a Windows Tablet you will be able to find such a high resolution screen than in the Onda. I actually think here the tablet loses a bit performance in aspects of gaming, but for people like me who have an UHD Netflix account it is the real deal and the main reason why to buy it.
This brings us to the next point and that’s the battery performance. 8.5mm, not much space for a big battery – wrong! Onda equipped its tab with a very big and long lasting 7800mAh battery, allowing it to perform for more than 8h. In my test I ended up with 12-14h of video streaming, browsing and even playing. However I noticed a little bug with the battery, which disappeared after calibrating the battery. Here I got to mention a few other bugs for that you cannot really blame Onda.
The Wi-Fi bugs a bit until you install the latest Realtek drivers – maybe you will have to remove the old ones before it, otherwise you will end up in a few problems with disconnecting Wi-Fi like it appeared to me. I also recommend doing a BIOS upgrade as soon as possible. However, for me everything works fine after updating everything. Also a bit annoying could be the Chinese texts, which disappear after changing the language and updating Windows. There is also a bug with the socket resulting that 3 parted earphones (those with microphones) don’t work if you push them fully in, so far it is only able to work around this issue by pushing them half way in. Maybe an external 3.5mm jack can fix it. Coming to the negative points it got to be mentioned that the tablet lacks of GPS or NFC, just like a 3G module or similar. For those who need it an external dongle should do it.
People who want to connect the tab to their TV’s can be happy about the microHDMI port. Summing the build quality up in total it’s got to be said that it is pretty much ok. Especially the aluminum back cover feels very comfortable and well built. Unfortunately this cannot be said for the cheap plastic frame for the display, just like the missing Gorilla Glass.

Due to this I strictly recommend a screen protector or protective case. Coming to an overall conclusion I can give a general buying recommendation for people who are looking after a cheap, ready for daily use tablet PC with a great screen. However, it may requires a bit pre work, before you are ready to roll (driver updates and etc.).

Great review, thank you. We’re having a couple of Dells and Surfaces in the lab right now, looking for mobile desktops replacement, and the formfactor rocks. Do you know if there is docks and keyboards available?


Unfortunately the Onda has no pins to connect it. However I was thinking to buy a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which should do the trick.

Ahh. A Bluetooth would do the trick. Did you get any options for more memory etc? Seems like a great buy for the money btw


Nope 32GB eMMC are fixed same goes for the RAM, however the Task Manager says there is a RAM sockel free - I will look into this later.

New pictures added.

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