Flyme OS beta (MX4 Pro)

Just installed it. I hope that some problems will be solved… (Bluetooth)

Same problem with Battery. From 100% to 0% in 2 sec.


i noticed for around 3-4 months now connection problems with Meizu servers via OTA. im getting notification that new version is out… that i can download it. but as soon as i press download… it just stuck at Waiting status… and after 30-60 secs it tells me that i dont have internet… (connection problems/not stable connection) when its simply impossible… (i can update any other app without any problem but not the OTA updates for firmware)

maybe its because i never do Wipe data anymore but i doubt it

Does anyone have a picture of the notification drawer? Is the settings gear button still in the right corner?

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@AndreasP said:

Same problem with Battery. From 100% to 0% in 2 sec.

 Dude, it`s hardware problem with your gear. Change battery and then share your thoughts.

@kopczas When i put phone and battery to low power mode from security my phone is ok. I mean is not go from 100% to 0% in 2 sec. I can use my phone for a while.   So what is the problem? My battery? I don;t think so... 

Bluetooth has the same problem. :(

For me the phone runs much colder that before. I'm playing song on the Bluetooth speaker as I write this and no problems (no connections issues and sounds very nice) and as for the battery haven't tested it.

@jramosd After a week I can say that the phone doesn't run cooler. 

@AndreasP having the same problem, but with any firmware so I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with that… I am currently sitting at 0% and I keep turning on my phone until I cannot turn it anymore then I will plug it to the charger while phone is off… really hoping it’ll fix this… It goes down incredibly fast, I can see it live and it’s frustrating … It started after I sent my phone so they fix my charger port :| I have a feeling they destroyed my battery on purpose so I get a new one…


Why dont you get a battery from aliexpress, they are cheap and work very well, I replaced it myself like a month ago, it is not difficult.

Good luck with you battery.

The only reason I am not getting battery on my own is because I am not sure how easy it will be and I don’t want to ruin my phone lol… do I need to open the entire phone to change the battery? Or how does it work? Can you maybe take a picture for me on what screws I should be opening to do it?

I doesn’t look too hard, but still worried haha

@jramosd Hey, looking on Alixpress all batteries said "BT41" or something like that, on my batter I have "Model: M462" does it batter or is it same size battery?

Meizu m2

Hii sir in my m2 mini 4.5.4I flymeos & I have update that with 5.1.11 for that I have download file but when tap on file for update after firmware check system sms is file currupt so I try same with 5.1.6 but same problem I face with other stebal version PLC guide how can update m2 mini flymeos

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