Flyme OS beta (Pro 6)
Meizu Pro 6

google play and youtube(and i guess all google apps) not working on this update. Checked and it's because syncing isn't working for the google account it says experiencing problems and sync will come back shortly. Anyone else having this problem?


I have the same problem. and also my pro6 battery consumption have got very high and wifi connection has problems

you can see that in standby in 6 hours, my battery gets from 100% to 88%

Meizu please fix this problems!!!!

Meizu Pro 6

@Araz75 well something weird happened. I just updated meizu browser and aside from the changes it brought to the browser suddenly google play sent me a message that i have updates and all my apps were working again.

I has same problem, i think this is warth wersion between beta versions. so i instald stable versions and all problems was resolved.

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