Bricked Pro 5 Please Help Guys

Hello friends.its my first post here,just bought a meizu pro 5 wich i knew it was bricked and tried to fix it but it seems im out of ideas.


-Stuck at Flyme Logo while loading(os flyme 6.0.1A)

- Can enter recovery but freezes in 10 seconds or so thus dont have time to copy update and flash it

-Can not clean and reset because it also freezes

-Can enter Fastboot

-Bootloader locked and unrooted

Please help with suggestions if u have any and also if u think its software or hardware related problem.(i was thinking internal memory maibe damaged..)

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My question now is can i flash stock update via fastboot with unlocked bootloader?

Meizu m3s

Yes you can flash through fastboot but it only works with an unlocked bootloader.
If your bootloader is not unlocked already you are out of luck, "fastboot oem unlock" will not work, pls keep that in mind.
You can easily flash system.img using
"fastboot flash system system.img"
or recovery
"fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"


Yea..bootloader locked..i get that displayed in no way to unlock it now ? Also reading about multiupgrade that any good?

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