Battery life not as expected

I have meizu M5 with Flyme and the battery life is not that good i mean it should be better in normal use (not gaming, vYouTube,) i get around only 2-3 max hours of use and that sucks help me 

Meizu Pro 5

And this happened after an upgrade or you bought the phone with that firmware ?

Hello phone came with that firmware

@Wilalb Do a clear data and install the previous version of the rom and see what's happening 

@Vympel clean install.from the factory reset ?

@Wilalb No from the stock recovery (power + vol up you hold till Meizu logo appear).

Do a backup of your files,all will be deleted.

Hope it will help to solve the main problem. 

I did it and nothing the problem is still on and the battery drain very fast! :( very disappointing

@Wilalb Did you downgrade to a previous build too ? 

Yeah i had and i downgrade to and the same issue i think it’s a issue with the international version i would like try install the chinese Y version but i dont know maybe a bug with the high percentage screen usage even if the screen is not in high brightness

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