Video from front camera

When I make video call the front camera cones dark. What happen with my phone. Is there a problem my device or it is from the manufacture of the meizu. 

Meizu Pro 6

@hendra-suardi what firmware are you using? And is it only in video call or the camera in general?

@zoroflamingo only video call. I have tried messenger video call, whatsapp. It is dark. I am using firmware Flyme Any idea please?

Meizu Pro 6

are you sure you have m5? Or this version? Cause i don't see this version in the m5 versions archive. All i see is

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@zoroflamingo yes. Of course I have Meizu M5 as attached.

Meizu m3s

Out of personal interest, which language are you using?


Here are

I am having the same problem… The video callng is dark. I am version I brought this phone week ago and already replaced the unit (meizu m5) 3 times because i thought i got a damage unit until i realize its the meizue m5 itself has the problem with the firmware. I am a big fan of meizu but i was so dissapointed. Is there anything we can do?

i am too having this problem…
any solution or ota…
please reply!!!

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