m3 Note failed update now stuck in Upgrade mode


after i changed from chinese to international rom by Method 2 as explained in the forum but many apps couldn’t be instaled on my M3 Note runing on so i wanted to update to and converted the files and placed the img to the root directory again. started busybox and then the terminal emulator … granted root rights by typing su and then dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/system

The problem is that after rebooting it started always in recovery so i followed the thread and connected in recovery my phone to the laptop
and put the update.zip direct to the recovery directory. I downloaded it direct at http://www.flymeos.com/firmwarelist?modelId=38&type=1 but it says firmware corrupt and doesn’t start. Can someone please help

Meizu m3s

Since your phone is converted (technically your phone has an id of an non international phone), you will need to install a A version not G. You should be able to find an A version from the firmware section in meizufan.

Help me to flash m3 note

I tried it with A Version. Same respond. Firware corrupt. Any idea?

i solved it…had to download from chinese website the Chinese Version … all other versions seemed damaged…and after that i used again Method 2 from the tutorial and updated to the 5.3.12 version. Works perfect right now. I hope that even flyme 6 will be available as an international version…

Meizu m3s

Currently flyme (newer) and (older)are the only existing international (G) beta. Would recommend you to update to flyme 6 beta (A) with cleardata before convert to the latest flyme 6 international beta.

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