Brightness problem

My phones brightness is automatically deam even I keep it in full by switching off the autobrightness. When I start the inbuilt screen recorder its works as normal normal screen and its brightness. This problem is started from today and I had restarted my phone many times. So please help me

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Meizu m3s

Please give us more information.

  • which firmware are you using?
  • does this only happen with inbuilt screen recorder?
  • how long does it take to dim?
  • any drops or firmware update have been done before?


no when I activate the inbuilt screen recorder it works as normal the brightness can set as high or low and autobrightness also works
and as I decativate it the screeen get dim and I used to high or low the brightnes it does not.

15 or 20 sec it dims when ever I take it out of my poket or kept
somewhere and on the screen

yes last firmware updated 45mb two weeks ago

I was going to format the phone but I’m waiting for your suggestion.

Now my phone brightness is automatically getting high and low even I’m in dark also

Meizu m3s

You should try updating or downgrading.
If you are considering formating. Do not format the phone through system, use cleardata in recovery.

@Scorpiony-Knifet Right now I'm downloading the upgrade which is TEST - And can u tell me that it is a software or hardware problem.

@Scorpiony-Knifet I had updated my phone but there is no change in it. It is as it. Please help me.

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