Firmware Corrupt

Hi everyone! So, I tried to upgrade from to beta but I get a 'firmware corrupt' message everytime (this applies to other upgrade versions) and I don't know what to do. My phone was rooted. Help please! 

Meizu m3s

Never seen this problem before. Likely a corrupted identification file or a corrupted download zip.
Make sure you have the correct zip, A version.
I would suggest you download it using a PC and copying to phone when in recovery. This will decrease the chances of corrupted download. If this works likely an error with the downloader on the phone.
If it doesn’t work try reinstalling the recovery through a recovery.img using command or flashfly. To test if the recovery was not corrupted.
If nothing works, try installing through the alternative way
Please use method 2. I would not suggest you to do this method as it is very risky without a working recovery.

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