Battery Dying at %30 (Meizu M3 Note)

Hi everyone ; 

My new phone shotdown at battery level %30. İs this hardware problem ? Can we fix use software ? İs there seen like that problem ? How can I fix ?

Meizu m3s

Anything you have done before this problem occur? It is very hard to debug meizu phones, I would suggest you go to a service center. If you still considering it is a software issue, please try reinstalling or updating the firmware with cleardata.

Meizu MX4 Pro

It is a known problem when upgrading firmware.
Try using your phone until it shuts down, and charge it while its turned off for 2-3 hours .
Do that for 5-6 times and if it doesnt get fixed by itself then try claiming your warranty


I buy Phone 3 days ago. I think, phone not new, Refurbished phone (I can see screen change, they sold me as a new phone :/ ). Problem can be battery :/ 
  Phone was Flyme I just installed 5.1.12G firmware (data clean) two days ago. I have regular apps, mail, social apps, 
I don't play game. 

I used battery calibration app 30 minutes ago, may be solve this problem.    I figure out someting end of the day. I hope .  


Thank you , I will do that.   İs awkward for new phone ? Actually I can attach picture. We can see more . 


Problem solved , thank you again.

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