v4a for meizu pro 6 flyme beta

I tried hard but it seems impossible to use v4a on pro 6

it's known that meizu pro 5 can't use v4a, but I never see anything about pro 6

If someone can enlighten me

@Hellyeah it's common to all meizu devices the reason behind this is that meizu has already tweaked the Hi-Fi part.

To use one day V4A on any meizu devices we need an open bootloader to flash v4a through TWRP directly.

Meizu Pro 6

@Vympel Actually, v4a works fine on Meizu MX4. It only requires root-access. So not all Meizu devices have problems with v4a.

@Vympel Didn't know that however it still doesn't change anything it doesn't work with pro 5 , pro 6 , pro 6 plus 

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@Vympel when i got my mx4 with flyme 4 it actually worked but on every version higher than flyme 4 I'm not able to install the v4a drivers

@mx4pro I assume this tweak happened since Flyme 5 with the detachment between Meizu and Dirac.

@Vympel​ I’m in a dead end, I really hope I’m wrong but, it seems there is no custom recovery for the Pro 6

I tried to install v4a and his drivers manually (and Dolby Atmos in a second time), but it still don’t work.

@Hellyeah @mx4pro  Was thinking exactly the same, might be related to Dirac.

Yes no custom recovery, unfortunately Meizu devices are not so "famous" so few or even nobody works and have interest to work on custom rom/ recovery.

There are only one active dev on xda for Pro 5 (faust93) who made regular update wich show that it's possible to make custom rom pretty easily.

To be honest, I'am not sure if V4A in top end phone with dedicated Dac would change something.Despite the EQ and other stuff wich might change the sound perception by your ears 

it won't do anything else.

I know by experience that's a powerful tool to improve audio quality but in our case as we already have a dedicated DAC and a tuning by Meizu it won't produce the huge improvement it does 

in common devices without dedicated DAC.

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I read on Viper4Android’s site that they do not support Flyme, due to its heavy manipulation of the stock audio driver.
Therefore, its not possible to use V4A on any Meizu device running Flyme.

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