meizu pro 6 plus change version

hi i just bought the pro 6 plus and i want to change the version from a to g..but i cant.the phone came with some rom from the shop and i cant put any rom of a or g..can you help me?thanks

@zoroflamingo i want the script for pro 6 plus

and where i can find it?

Meizu m3s

@jimmkr, Rey means that you will not be able to find the script until someone with the phone writes it. Due to the phone is so new, not many people would have it yet.

Meizu m3s

Exactly if you want to use the script method. You may try method 2.

Shouldn't be a problem if you can find the partition location.

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@Scorpiony-Knifet maybe i will wait for the script..


The main issue in this case is that many people lost interest in Meizu.
This especially affects overseas users and so the majority of the modding community.

Hey guys,
I’ve got the international version and already flashed both versions on my phone.
For now I’m running Flyme beta.
I can write a script for you, but I’m moving so it can take some time.

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