- An unwanted experience

In September I wanted to get myself a Windows Tablet, so I have something handy I could work with. So my choice felt on an Onda V975w (review will follow), but it was quite expensive on other shops. Therefor I decided to buy it on Taobao with an agent.

HondaRacer recommended me Mallaid (thanks…) and I also found an Onda for less than 1099 RMB. All in all I payed 244$ which is like 195€. I decided to take DHL shipping (one and only for me - only FedEx or TNT are an alternative). Mallaid claimed to be “Chinas most professional shipping agent” shipping my goods within 5 days to me. Mallaid ordered my tab on the 24th and Monday the 30th it was at Mallaid. For my bad luck at the 1st there were chinese national days till the 8th. Time passed by and so the 8th came. But my order was still not shipped, obviously stuck in the mess of the other goods at Mallaid (they still accepted orders, but didn’t shipped them out). A few days later they finally send it (after I asked) with EMS without even asking me. And if that wasn’t already worse enough it was Speedpost EMS, the world slowest post service god has ever seen. And how it ended?

The package took 16 days to arrive here and got stuck at the customs because of wrong decleration (21$ for a Tablet PC/Protective Case). At the customs stations the handout was refused, because the tablet lacked of any CE marks and a german handbook. The last one would have been sortable and was a little problem, but the lack of CE is a death sign here (and usually is in the whole EU).

The customs sended to check it up. In the meanwhile I contacted Mallaids Skype Support again - no one answered and blocked me. Since then I am struggeling with Mallaid and PayPal (21th PayPal will get back to me). Until today Mallaid refuses a refund and even says I got thr package (tracking code proves that the customs have it). I even sent them a official letter by the customs office and still they refuse to do it.

What I am asking myself now is how “professional” Mallaid really is?
For me it looks like they can’t even cover that “loss” (probably the Taobao seller doesn’t wants it back), of just 250$ (small ammount for “Chinas most professional shipping agent”. Or also the fact that they are 3 people on Skype and only 1 is online.
Thats professional.

The story ended that I got my tablet for Merimobiles who had it in stock in the EU warehouse for the same price and shipped it with DHL Express. If it wouldn’t have been weekend it would have arrived next day.

All in all I can only say to keep away from Mallaid and use Bhiner. Bhiner for example has a way more structured and user friendly site. Shipping might be a bit expensive, but for that they have a great support and do their job right. Actually I ordered a few little things from them and all were shipped quite fast and without any problems.

Summing it up, I hope to get my 250$ back and also never to order at Mallaid again.

Sounds bad… I feel bad for you bro :(

Hope that everything will turn out positive for you ;)

I just ordered a metal back cover for my MX4 recently using them… Item is still processing and I just sent them a message about it. Lucky if anything happens its just a $30 purchase…


Can you please edit your signature… All the “=” makes the forum software go crazy ;)




you should get your stuff. Actually I would say Mallaid is only good for small things. They just lack experience if it comes to shipping electronics goods.

Is Taobao really that much cheaper then Aliexpress ?
Since i did not look into it, but usually you have to pay the agent a fee for his service.

As for the CE and german manual. Thats another great idea from the EU to block private imports and give only companys the oprtunity to profit from the global market.
Who ever decided this nonsense with CE and manual has to get shot on spot.

Actually you will also have a lot trouble with old stuff. If you want to import old consoles or other devices, you will get a problem and maybe they even destroy a valuable item just because of the missing CE nonsense.

Im glad not all custom ppl are like that, and give u the item anyway.


Awww haha it didn’t look like that for me… Consider it fixed ;)


Thank you for the reassurance :) I’ll remember that advice if ever I want to purchase electronics from TaoBao.



I tried to use my company, but they were cocky…

I have sent some docs to PayPal.
Lets see what they say.


Finally got a refund from PayPal [emoji4]

:D :D :D And my back cover shipped. Hooray for both of us!!! ;)

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