Mass defect of Meizu m3s home button

Hello, guys and girls!

Meizu M3s is popular smartphone in Russia and Ukraine. 
But we have problem in connection with mTouch button factory defect in all Meizu M3s smartphones. In all !!! Not only in my phone!

Button is guaranteed to break after 1-6 months: mTouch sensor and a fingerprint scanner stop working. Moreover, after the break of the Home button, the smartphone starts to spontaneously hang and reboot. Button replacement under warranty solves the problem for a few months, then Home button will break again. Again! Not only in my phone! 

If you have the same problem or if you are a Meizu fanat, I ask you to support the petition to Meizu through the folowing link:
Thanks in advance for your help and support. 

yep, I had mine break. the store I bought it from sent it off to meizu for me though, and it got repaired. however I wouldn’t buy it again…

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