Music player Flyme 6

I have a question about the music player on Flyme 6. Everytime I search for a song from the homepage of the music player and when I play the song, it doesn't work and moves on to the next song and then it does the same. Like doesn't matter what song I play, It never works and after 4/5 seconds, it moves on to the next song which also doesn't work and the songs keep on moving on to the next one without playing. All my normal downloaded songs are working but it's just from the homepage if I search up a song and play it, it never works so I don't know what's wrong. I have a video of the issue but I don't know how to upload it on this or else it would have been more clearer what I'm trying to say.

Meizu Pro 6

It was also on flyme 5 for some time. It is like that and i tried a lot of methods like chinese vpn and stuff without any luck. I use now xiami music you should also try. Less good then meizu music but still nice

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